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Work Health and Safety

Increased performance through improved safety, recover at (or return to) work processes

The team at Suncorp Risk Services (SRS) understands the difficulties  associated with keeping your people safe at work and ensuring a smooth and swift return to work after an injury. These can have a significant impact on business performance and can delay or prevent you from initiating new business opportunities. We can assist in a number of ways, through our work health safety and injury management consulting services and assessment program.

Recover at (or return to) work Systems

Worker injuries can mean significant financial losses for employers in the form of workers’ compensation premiums and the cost of replacing workers. There are also costs associated with disruption, decreased productivity and low morale. The longer a worker spends away from the workplace due to injury or illness, the greater the chance that physical de-conditioning and psychological factors will affect a successful return to work. We are the only organisation in Australia accredited to undertake the internationally recognised Consensus Based Disability Management Audit (CBDMA™) of your Recover at (or return to) Work Program.

CBDMA™ is a comprehensive audit process used to assess the capability of an organisation to effectively assist injured workers. The audit evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, resources and capabilities of an organisation’s Program, and is conducted on-site by certified CBDMA™ auditors.  The CBDMA™ Injury Management audit can help your organisation to:

  • deliver sustainable improvements in recover at (or return to) work performance
  • involve managers in audit processes to improve health, safety recover at (or return to work) performance at business unit/workplace level
  • be accountable in continuous improvement planning for recover at (or return to) work
  • apply resources efficiently and effectively to achieve best possible outcomes for health, safety and recover at (or return to) work

Work Health and Safety Consulting

Our risk consulting service offers a diverse program that provides:

  • Strategic advice on WHS programs, including the development of appropriate management systems and integration with other risk programs
  • Operational WHS advice on the implementation of safety systems
  • As 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems auditing and the development of safety management plans
  • Measuring and evaluating system performance
  • Risk management learning and development programs
  • Operational safety programs, such as safety job task risk profiling, safe methods of work, safety policies and procedures
  • Safety risk assessments and treatment plans
  • Executive engagement on WHS and IM legislative changes, due diligence obligations and responsibilities
  • Development of communications plans to promote and embed a culture of safety across organisations
  • Mentoring and support programs for safety practitioners
  • Advisory services in meeting your WHS compliance obligations.